Stop Weapons Patents

Patents on Weapons are neither the worst nor the most interesting monstrosity which I discuss on this Blog. Nevertheless I decided to focus on Weapons Patents.

(German Version of this post: Stop Waffenpatente)

I chose a very simple slogan. This slogan does not match the complexity of the issue. When I claim „Stop Weapons Patents“, then I mean:

Weapons should be added to the list of exclusions from patentability. Speaking of the European Patent Convention, this concerns Article 53, Exceptions to patentability. In german patent law this is about §2a PatG.

To be effective, such a change needs to be adopted internationally. And the issue of dual usability needs to be solved. This issue is particularly difficult with the following patent classes:

The Oil industry generated many of these patent applications. They use charges to perforate wellbores. Not only a war on Oil involves explosives, but even in peacetime charges are needed to produce oil. I suppose the Oil industry needs patents on shaped charge perforators as much as it needs war on Oil. Nonetheless I stick with the simplified slogan:

 Stop Weapons Patents

I put a sticker with this slogan on my car. And in my Twitter account I now anchored this tweet on Top:

I want to invest much time into the subject Weapons Patents. I offer training in patent law free of charge. This training puts weapons patents at center stage. The basic priciples of patent law are explained by example of weapons patents. The post US Patent 5,698,812 Thermite destructive device gives an idea of this approach.

The focus on Weapons Patents comes with some amount of regret, because I consider another subject even more important: state sponsored Terror. But regarding state sponsored terror, I could not offer anything comparable. A training in patent law free of charge is something sweet. I would be in no way qualified to offer anything of value which could motivate an audience to spend time on the issue of state sponsored terror. Just as a reminder – all my former Anchor-Tweets were related to state sponsored Terror.

(Following Translation comes without religious reference. The german version cited Lord’s Prayer. The Translation „Give us each day our daily Drone-Terror“ sounded rather uninteresting)

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