political parody in patent papers

DE102016105648A1 pioneers political parody in patent papers.

Packed with pages of patent prose there come paragraphs poor in technical payload. Figure 7a: On Drone-Terror, 7b: A Tribute to Kafka, 7c: A Tribute to Bill Clinton, 7d: On Vietnam.

Figure 7a: On Drone-Terror

This patchwork resembles an Orwellian Dystopie. Main Actor representing a Drone: Osprey, drafted from a sculpture created by scottish Artist David Annand.


„Figure 7a illustrates disadvantages of an unprotected communication. The citizen 710 of a resource-rich country uses a mobile phone, indicated by headset 9. Above him revolves a monitoring apparatus 720 which is prepared to discharge a weapons system 730. The monitoring apparatus locates the mobile phone of citizen 710, which does not use encryption, and intercepts conversation contents. The monitoring apparatus sends the conversation contents to a clerk 740. The clerk 740 represents the interests of a industrialized country. The clerk 740 decides on the basis of conversation contents and a death list 66, and premises 67 whether citizen 710 may represent a risk to the interests of the industrialized country, whether the call contents should be stored permanently, and whether the weapons system 730 should be used to kill the citizen 710. […]
From the perspective of citizen 710 there is the very unsatisfactory situation that he can not judge whether his name is marked on the death list 66. The way to get placed on such a death list may indeed be varied. An author of the death list 66 may have fallen in love with citizen 710’s wife Bathsheba. Therefore this author may have put citizen 710 on this death list motivated by a purely personal interest to do so. And citizen 710 cannot guess the premises 67. If the industrialized countries policy seeks to replace democracy in the resource-rich country with a dictatorship, then it may be dangerous to reveal oneself as a supporter of democracy.
However, if the government of the industrialized country by accident wants to encourage democracy in the resource-rich country, then it may be dangerous not to reveal oneself as a supporter of democracy. In this way the monitoring equipment 720 and weapons systems 730 frighten the population of the resource-rich country and provoke a state of Terror.“

Figure 7b: A Tribute to Kafka

consists of a single conditional sentence inspired by Kafkas Up in the Gallery:

„When Alice (A) generates an asymmetric key pair, and sends the public key over an unprotected channel to Bob (B), so Eve (E) can listen, and if Marvin (M) decides not to distort an unprotected transferred Public Key , and if Bob can transmit in the same conditions its public key to Alice, and if Alice and Bob then use the exchanged public keys to encrypt and to sign their own messages, and if they call each other at least once, and identify themselves by their voices and on the basis of shared secrets, and reinsure that they actually have received each other’s encrypted messages, and if Alice and Bob can exclude that Marvin has the ability to manipulate a public key such that both Marvins private Key, as well as the original private key are capable to decrypt data encrypted with the manipulated Public Key, and if Alice and Bob can exclude that Eve has a hardware running the Shor’s algorithm, and if Alice and Bob can exclude that Eve has a different algorithm for the calculation of private keys from public keys running on Eves hardware, then Alice and Bob may trust their exchange to be confidential, without the need to rely on Certificate Authorities like DigiNotar or any hierarchical public-key Infrastructure.“

Figure 7c: A Tribute to Bill Clinton

„7c describes a failure scenario for a Certificate Authority according to the prior art. The Certificate Authority (CA) 7410 for a Public Key Infrastructure is accommodated in a building complex 7400. The building complex 7400 comprises a pharmaceutical factory 7420. A head of state 7460 is shown in a meeting room 7450. An ocean 7430 separates the Meeting Room 7450 and the building complex 7400. In the Meeting Room 7450 there is an intern 7480 shown, which interacts with the most private parts 7470 of the head of state 7460. Some years later, the population which is represented by the head of state 7460 develops an obsessive interest for this interaction. Then the head of state 7460 sends some missiles provided with explosives to the building complex 7400. Thereby he destroys both the CA 7410 for a Public Key Infrastructure, and the pharmaceutical factory 7420. Afterwards said population loses the interest in the interaction of the intern 7480 with the private parts 7470 of head of state 7460. The pharmaceutical factory 7420 is permanently destroyed. Some of the people needing its products die. The CA 7410 for a Public Key Infrastructure is permanently destroyed. Its customers suffer material damage only by service failure and the work on the establishment of replacement certificates. This purely fictional example shows that a CA should not be located in usual target areas of a head of state 7460. And people living in usual target areas of a head of state 7460 should be aware of public key infrastructures.““


The polemic picks holes in a Plutocracy playing with Pandoras box, prosecuting its President for the choices of his most private part (which any reasonable people would consider just that: private.) The pamphlet pokes fun at President Clinton’s bombing of a pharmaceutical production plant in poor Sudan. Few perished immediately and so did the Impeachement of Bill Clinton. Clintons Presidency prevailed. „Operation Infinite Reach“ paid off. Who cares about the collataral damage? (To Werner Daums estimation of the total death toll)

And Vietnam – Figure 7d?

If there is any interest in Vietnam, this may be translated later.


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